Telephone Treasure Trail clues and answers now available!

This year the Telephone Treasure Trail celebrates its 20th anniversary! It was initially organised by Abbots Langley member Caroline Bloomer with 231 groups taking part. Because of its great success, it turned into an annual event and now – 20 years on – almost 400 groups took part. This year was organised by Crewe & District NWR.

Each year there is a hidden ‘theme’ for the quiz, which becomes apparent as clues are solved. Groups are sent their first clue, then they have to ring volunteer ‘clue holders’ to be given their next one. This aspect of the quiz gives groups an opportunity to speak to other members all over the country, enhancing the fun. It can also add to the frustration, as groups only have two hours to get all the clues, and with up to 100 groups taking part in any one evening, it can take time to get through to the busy clue holder volunteers. It is also a hectic time for the staff at the NWR office who have to allocate clues to clue holders and groups by hand. But the end result is always worth it! 

For the full list of clues and answers and the winners for the 2015 Quiz, visit the Telephone Treasure Trail page on the website. 

Illustration by Francesco ‘Architetto’ Rollandin