Thank you letter to Gladstone’s Library from our Short Story Competition winner

Thank you for the wonderful prize of two nights’ stay at Gladstone Library. I wasn’t sure what to expect but it exceeded any expectations I might have had.

What a wonderful place! I especially loved the library, with its beautiful architecture and the thousands of books.To describe the impact, I should mention that books are as necessary to me as breathing; what a wonderful place to learn, study, and to think and reflect. I wasn’t sure whether my husband Clive would enjoy it – he’s not a book person – but I needn’t have worried, he loved it too. We enjoyed curling up with a book in the reading room on a comfy sofa beside a crackling fire – and we had a great breakfast too.

Gladstone Library accommodation

May I just add how kind and welcoming we found everyone, it was just the ‘icing on the cake’ to be met with such friendliness. Our visit to Gladstone’s Library will live on in my memory as a very special time, and thank you so much for offering it as a prize.

Jill Sidders  
Sittingbourne NWR

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Photos courtesy Gladstone’s Library