Visit to Tolethorpe open air theatre

Some members and guests of  Grantham NWR enjoyed a picnic and a show at the Tolethorpe Open Air Theatre Nr Stamford recently.

We enjoyed a bring and share meal, the highlight being the strawberry meringue pudding! ( an annual must!) we were very lucky with the weather. it was hot and sunny when we left Grantham, but as the meal progressed ( outside on the lawns ) clouds began to gather. However, it remained dry and warm until we were in our cars on the way home when we ran into the storm that Grantham had been having all evening!

We saw Wind in the Willows, our seats are under a hard cover, but the actors are outside so would have been grateful for the nice weather.They are always so inventive with the scenery they had a river on stage, which moved the water wheel, a boat was used several times on it, as well as the ‘otters’  swimming on to the stage. We had a caravan brought on by a ‘human’ horse, a powered car, and a powered steam engine, which was huge. Sadly there are no pictures as we were not allowed to take any during the performance.We did however get some pictures before the actors came on stage.