Walk around Norwich

Nine members of Beccles NWR enjoyed a guided tour around Norwich, and were amazed to learn so much about the city we thought we knew well!

Our tour began at a roundel which marked the boundary of the Castle Fee, along Swan Lane where we came across a bollard which commemorates Peter the Wild Boy, a feral child who was brought to England from Hanover by George 1. We admired the knapped flint flushwork wall of what is now the Bridewell Museum (formerly a prison amongst other things), and then headed up towards St. Andrew’s Halls. Stopping by Armada House we learnt that the original building is 400 years old, allegedly built of timber from ships which fled up the east coast and foundered on the sandbanks. Part of the house was removed to make way for trams. Then into the Elm Hill area with it’s cobbled streets and beautiful old houses, some of which date back to Tudor times. A quick glimpse of the River Wensum, before heading back into the city centre for a well earned lunch.