Walk around the alleyways of London

Our walking group made use of the advantage of being within easy reach of London and organised a walk around the alleyways of the city.

Along the way we spoke to the caretaker of St. Botoph’s Without Bishopsgate.  He told us of a photographer arriving early for a wedding and being on his own, took a picture inside the church.  On developing the photograph he was surprised to see the figure of a woman wearing old fashioned dress.  A few years later he was contacted by a builder who was renovating the crypt and found some old coffins, one of which was opened and contained a well preserved body with an uncanny resemblance to the woman in the picture – spooky.

We met other interesting people with equally interesting facts along our journey.  The photograph shows the group at the centre point of the City of London which is in an alleyway where at any moment you might expect a Dickens character to appear.