Wednesday Walk in Bourne

To set the scene…

The 1st of May was actually ‘summer’.

Very happily for six friends of the Deepings Group we rambled 3 miles around the town of Bourne [from the O.E. burna or OScand. brunnar – meaning (place at) the spring(s)].

This circular walk began in our beautiful Wellhead Park, a haven for wildlife and people. We walked underneath the 200 year old Baldocks Mill and passed the 1605 Red Hall – once the railway ticket office amongst other uses. Following along Eastgate is a former Department Store from 1860 on the corner of Willoughby Road and Victoria Place beyond is the home of Raymond Mays of BRM fame built in 1769. Secret lanes with names like Coggles Causeway led us past the outdoor lido, the town bowling club, skate park and football ground . We discovered The Anchor Pub – there since mid 18th century whose wharf-side overlooks the Bourne Eau where many boats would have unloaded cargoes.

Final stop coffee at The Angel.

A walk with friends is a short journey where conversations ebb and flow, inspired by the scenery, time and place. Walking together [with NWR members] always brings unexpected diversion and interest for me. How else would I be directed back to my half-read Lapwings [Spring 2024 edition] to read the article about the “Top 5 free Apps to enhance your wildlife experience”?

By following a riverside track we circuited houses enjoying the views of hidden gardens before a final woodland path brought us back to the donkey meadow and Wellhead, the source of the Eau.

Yes thanks to Sheila I have now downloaded the Merlin Bird ID mobile application. This not only gives me a way of identifying a bird captured in a photograph but from birdsong! How cool is that?  I am a bit of a 'twitcher' but this makes bird watching/listening totally 21st century and so much more effective than forgetting to take your bird spotter book with you!  I also went on to read the rest of my Lapwings magazine making notes on my "To Do List" for helping nature

3 miles 1.5 hours walking time