Why I’m a member of NWR

If NWR did not exist, I would have to invent it.  Where else would I get to meet regularly with a bunch of interesting women and talk about any subject under the sun?

I love being a member of NWR, because in these days of virtual friends and short tweets, I appreciate face to face meetings with real women, where we can discuss real topics in real time. 

As an NWR member, I get to talk about subjects that do not usually crop up in most day to day conversations. You may not think these things have anything in common: war memorials, Irish stamps, female comedians, mass observation, green funerals, modern icons, conscientious objectors and Nobel Peace Prize winners… But they have all been up for discussion my NWR group. That’s what I enjoy, the sheer variety of topics – and who’d have guessed a meeting on Irish stamps could be so interesting?! 

We are always looking for new subjects to discuss, books to read and places to go! NWR refreshes parts of me and my brain that nothing else quite reaches.

‘get yourself along to an NWR meeting and life will become more interesting’

Over the past few years NWR has widened my horizons and circle of friends considerably.  If you feel starved of good conversation, are stuck in a reading rut and growing bored with Facebook, my advice is to get yourself along to an NWR meeting and life will become more interesting. Long may it continue and help us thrive.

Marilyn Vigurs
Trentham NWR

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