Women Against the Odds

In the spirit of NWR’s 2015 theme of Democracy, Liberty and Human Rights, NWR Warwickshire & West Midlands have organised a superb Area Day on Saturday 10 October 2015 promising to be both informative and stimulating.

Women Against the Odds brings you Palestinian/British Phoebe Rison who has led humanitarian responses, including the Syria crisis and the recent war in Gaza speaking to you about Middle Eastern women’s lives in a modern world, and Louise Reed who will be talking about British women from the past including speaking in the character of Emmeline Pankhurst about women and voting.

A mixture of cultures, of past and present and of food and refreshments is sure to make for a thought-provoking and delicious day, so best you sign up now before tickets get sold out!

Get all the information you need here:

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