Women of the World

Women of the World

we see your life,

in a world of conflict,

pain and strife.


Women being wives,

we feel your pain,

trying to build towards

a life of gain.


Women being mothers,

we know your cry,

aiming, for your children,

for the best of life.


Women being strong,

we share your loss,

humiliation, degradation,

and the heart-felt cost.


Women being heard,

your voice is loud,

it can also be seen

through the dark, dark cloud.


Women of hope,

never give away

your pride, and the effort

towards a better day.


Women of the future,

work through this test,

to help you all

we’re doing our best.


The women here

have not forgotten you

and send strong support

for all that you do.


Nikki Bennett. Copyright