A new group has started in Biggleswade! We meet monthly on varying days of the week in a bar in central Biggleswade.

We have a pre-arranged discussion topic, which acts as an excellent icebreaker, and there is always plenty of time for chat before and after the discussion topic (and sometimes during!) and you are not obliged to say anything if you don’t want to, you’re welcome to come along and listen.

If it is your first time, you’ll be very welcome!  It is a new group and we are all still getting to know one another.  You’ll be able to identify us as I’ll have the blue and pink NWR fliers out on the table.

In 2024 we’ll be meeting at 7.30pm on the following days:

Wed 24 January – Pocket money or your first pay packet – what did you buy with yours?
Tue 20 February – A ‘Sliding Doors’ Moment – Was there a memorable moment in your life where you could have chosen to go either way – and did you make the right choice?
Wed 20 March – My idea of utopia (silly suggestions also welcome!)
Thu 25 April – the NWR walk
Thu 21 May – Superstitions – Do superstitions influence our lives, knowingly or otherwise? Which ones were you told as a child and do you still live by them?
Wed 26 June – Pride month. What ideas did we grow up with that have now changed?
Thu 18 July – What’s in a name? What does your forename mean? Do you wish you had been given another name? Has your name been passed down through the generations? Or, tell us about the origin of your name.

Please contact us to find out more!

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