In 2023 we started a NWR group in Stevenage, new members are welcome!

We meet monthly on a weekday evening in a pub for chat and discussions. We choose a light-hearted topic to discuss, and this then acts as an ice-breaker as we find our discussion goes off in all sorts of wonderful directions! There is always time for a general chat, we are a new group and still getting to know one another.

Our group is for all women. You can attend up to two meetings for free, after that the cost is £32 a year for membership to NWR, where you’ll also be able to join national online meetings, talks and more.

Click the button above to contact Cath, the group’s organiser, to find out more about the group.

In 2024 we’ll be meeting at 7.30pm on the following days:

Tue 9 January, our topic this month will be – If you had a catastrophe, e.g. your house burnt down, what one item would you save?
Thu 8 February, our topic this month will be – Research ONE person with the same name as your mother (first or maiden name or both!)
Wed 6 March, our topic this month will be – A ‘Sliding Doors’ Moment – Was there a memorable moment in your life where you could have chosen to go either way – and did you make the right choice?
Tue 16 April – the NWR walk
Thu 9 May, our topic this month will be – What’s in a name? What does your forename mean? Do you wish you had been given another name? Has your name been passed down through the generations? Or, tell us about the origin of your name.
Wed 5 June, this month we’ll all choose something to talk about that begins with the letter B
Tue 2 July, our topic this month will be – Where were you born or brought up? Share one fact about the place.

The dates of the meetings later in 2024 will be announced when confirmed.

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