Planning guide for the NWR Walk 2023

We’re so pleased that you are planning to take part in the NWR Walk 2023! This page is intended to provide you with further information about how to get involved.

When should the walks take place?

Eligible walks could take place from 24 June 2023 (this was to help Scottish groups take part, who may be otherwise unable to due to their school holidays starting at the beginning of July). However, the event does not officially start until 1 July 2023, when emails documenting the walks and where they are taking place will be sent.

Who can join us on the walk?

Everyone is welcome!  It is very much up to individual groups to choose who they wish to walk with.

The National Office Team encourages groups to invite non-members to join them as a way of introducing potential new members to your group.

At least two NWR members must be on the walk.

Where should we walk?

That is up to you.  There is no set distance or destination. Members told us that they enjoyed reading about and seeing the photos of the various walks that took place, so please do consider what might make an interesting addition to the walk communications sent out by the office during the two week period.

A popular choice will always be to end up in a café or pub for some well-earned refreshment!

Click here for a reminder of where members walked in the NWR Walk 2022.

How are the walks organised?

It is advised that each group has a nominated ‘Walk Organiser’.  This could be the Local Organiser or another member of the group.  The Walk Organiser will gather the names of members of the group who would like to take part, schedule a time for the walk (or walks) to take place and inform the walkers where they will be meeting and the details of the walk.  She will take into consideration the abilities and preferences of those who will be on the walk when deciding the distance and location of the walk.

It could be that there are sufficient numbers wishing to take part to schedule a few walks to give members a choice of times or type of walk.

The Walk Organiser will also be responsible for submitting the location of the walk to the NWR office for tracking.

Can we walk with other NWR groups?

Yes! You could get in touch with other NWR groups in your area to find out what walks they have planned.  Perhaps you’d like to join them?  There are no limits to the number of walks NWR members can take part in.

The role of the Walk Organiser

Thank you for taking on this role.

Planning your walk

Once you have established which members of your group are interested in taking part you will need to decide on a time for the walk and a route.

Please take into account the abilities of the members of your group.  Perhaps a short walk around a local park could be arranged for those members preferring not to walk very far and a longer walk for keen walkers?  Circular walks that end at a pub or café always prove popular!

When planning your walk consider whether it is suitable from a health and safety point of view, taking into account the abilities of the members of your group.  If walking in the evening, be aware of when it will get dark. Ensure that all walkers know in advance the route you will be taking, the type of terrain and the approximate distance.

A reminder about keeping safe
Whilst a lot may seem like common sense, we would like to remind all those going on walks to take precautions to ensure that all participants in the NWR Walk 2023 remain safe. Make sure that you are wearing appropriate footwear and wear suitable clothing for the weather (it is the British summer after all, so be prepared to bring a raincoat and suncream!). For those wandering a little further, remember to bring water and a first aid kit.
Walk Organisers are asked to be mindful of any risks that members may encounter on the walk and consider how they can be reduced. Below is a link to a risk assessment document that we have produced listing likely risks and ways they can be mitigated. NWR requests that all Walk Organisers read the document prior to the walk.  

What information does the Walk Organiser need to send to NWR?

This year we will be plotting where in the country the walks are taking place. After their walk, the Walk Organiser will be asked to inform the office of the location of the walk (the link for doing this can be found further down this page).

We loved reading about where members walked and what they saw and plan to share these with members during the two week period between 1-14 July. Photos and descriptions of the walk should be sent to Cath Heslop at [email protected]. Please confirm in your email that you have permission from all women featured in the photos for their image to be placed on the website, in the newsletter and on NWR social media.

After the walk – submitting where you walked

Walk Organisers are asked to inform the office of the location of their walk to enable us to plot it on a map.

The office will be posting regular updates throughout the first two weeks of July reporting where the walks are taking place.  For this reason, please let us know where you walked as soon as possible after your walk, and before Sunday 16 July.

Any questions?

If you have any questions about any aspect of the NWR Walk, please contact Cath Heslop at [email protected].

Thank you for taking the time to read about the event. We hope you have enjoyable time!