Things you need to know about how NWR Facebook groups work

Here are a few tips, particularly for those not too familiar with, or unsure about, Facebook:

  • Provided you are a current member of NWR you can join as many of our NWR groups as you wish; you also need to have a Facebook account.
  • Do make sure you go through all your Facebook settings making them as private (or not) as you want – it’s up to you.  We recommend you do this from time to time to make sure they are up-to-date.
  • You can access all NWR’s groups and join in without having any Facebook friends.
  • To join the groups, you need to answer a couple of questions – please make sure you do!
  • It’s so much nicer for all of us if you use a thumbnail photo as it helps us to feel we know each other.
  • Once you’ve joined the groups you want, it is more interesting and fun for everyone if you get involved.  However, when you’re new to a group you may wish to watch what’s going on for a while before you jump in so that you get a feel for how the groups operate.
  • All the groups are monitored by a small group of volunteer NWR members who are administrators and moderators.  They keep a watching brief on all posts and comments making sure they comply with NWR’s Social Media Policy (SMP) which can be found on NWR’s website or by clicking here.
  • Please familiarise yourself with the rules governing each NWR group; these can be found below the group title and before the posts start.
  • Thankfully, it is extremely rare for a post to have to be removed that doesn’t comply with NWR’s SMP.  It is clear from reading the policy what constitutes a contravention.  The Admin team reserve the right to remove such posts immediately.
  • It is important that you post and comment in line with the group’s description.
  • Please read posts carefully and also read previous comments before you make your comment(s).
  • Check that you’ve worded your post carefully so as to attract lots of comments, eg, have you asked a question or just made a statement?
  • If you think a member of your group would enjoy our NWR Facebook groups, please suggest they ask to join rather than you inviting them.  There is a procedure for each request to ensure that only current members have access to our safe and private groups and occasionally this is forgotten and non-NWR friends have been invited.