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Bury St Edmunds group was founded in 1967, in the early days of the organisation, and has been continually active since then. The group averages around 20 members and meets on alternate Wednesdays. Whilst some meetings are still held virtually on Zoom, we do aim to meet in members’ homes in the evening, unless the programme shows a different time or location. In the past 2 years though, with COVID awareness, meetings have sometimes been moved to daytime, in an airy public place, garden, or replaced with a walk, and may be on any weekday.

We plan our programme twice a year, when members suggest and agree on a wide variety of topics and activities for meetings over the following six months.

For example, you might find us:
-Discussing our choices of Eccentric personalities. What is ‘Eccentricity’ anyway?
-Looking at a country such as Spain, its history and culture – and tucking into delicious examples of its food, brought along by members.
-Choosing a local Folk Tale to discover, the history & examples of Windows, or something coloured Red.
-Discovering facts about Hats, Women in Sport, a Redundant Occupation.
-Enjoying a walk which suits everyone. Quite often with a coffee/tea and cake stop  😉
-At the theatre or out for a meal.
-Thoroughly enjoying some silliness, acting out a Christmas pantomime or playing games.

The possibilities are endless, and suggestions for events are always welcome.

We also have a Book Group consisting of around eight of our members, which meets roughly every six weeks between normal group meetings to discuss a chosen book. All members are most welcome to join this group.

Upcoming events at Bury St Edmunds

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At Yvonne's, BURY ST EDMUNDS group

Islands of the British Isles.

6 Jul 2022

Choose one of the many islands around our shores, research its history, culture, geography, geology, wildlife…. Let us know what…

Summer Walk and Meal.

20 Jul 2022

Walk followed by a meal, in and around Tuddenham. Meet @5.30pm to walk. Please let Gill know if you will…

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At Zelda's, BURY ST EDMUNDS group

Country theme – United States of America.

3 Aug 2022

Starting at 6pm. The USA is the NWR theme country for 2022: a look at the culture, history, habitats, food…

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At Carole's, BURY ST EDMUNDS group

The First Woman to……

17 Aug 2022

….do something, discover something, create something……Choose someone and research her life and achievements. Please let Carole know your choice. Starting…

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Yvonne or Margaret's, BURY ST EDMUNDS group

Would I Lie to You?

31 Aug 2022

Describe three things about yourself: two truths and one lie. We will all try to guess which is the lie.…

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At Lynne's, BURY ST EDMUNDS group

Domesticity – what is it anyway?

14 Sep 2022

A look at how our domestic world has changed over time. Has the basic concept of ‘domesticity’ changed? We’ll recollect…


28 Sep 2022

How has our relationship with, and attitude towards, food and eating evolved over the centuries?Let’s think about diet both here…

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At Carole's, BURY ST EDMUNDS group

River Lark Catchment Partnership.

12 Oct 2022

A talk where we will discover about the work being undertaken by the River Lark Catchment Partnership [RLCP], including water…

Planning Meeting

26 Oct 2022

Time to plan ahead and come up with interesting ideas for meetings through the winter and into spring.What would you…

Discussion Lucky Dip.

2 Nov 2022

Think of something you would like to discuss, write it on piece of paper, pop it in a hat to…

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AT Lynne's, BURY ST EDMUNDS group

Telephone Treasure Trail.

16 Nov 2022

Are you ready to be bamboozled, baffled and bewildered?!? It’s time to pit our wits against all the other NWR…


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