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Bury St Edmunds group was founded in 1967, in the early days of the organisation, and has been continually active since then. The group averages around 20 members and aims to meet on alternate Wednesdays. Whilst our meetings are, as a rule, in members’ homes in the evening, there are also quite likely to be daytime activities & visits, which may be on any day.

We plan our programme twice a year, when members meet to suggest and agree on a wide variety of topics and activities for meetings over the following six months.

For example, you might find us:

Visiting a local producer, to see how their methods are moving with the times.
Investigating a country such as the Benelux, its history and culture – and tucking into delicious examples of its food, brought along by members.
Choosing a local Folk Tale to discover and pass on; or simply ‘something coloured Red’.
Discovering facts about Bedrooms, or Bridges, or a Redundant Occupation.
Discussing Keeping Fit and Health – how have our habits and our perception changed over time?
Researching the advantages and risks of developing AI technology.
Gathering together to listen to an engaging talk given by a local speaker.
Sharing personal stories as we chat whilst taking part in a walk which suits everyone, probably with tea & cake at the end  😉
Being entertained at the theatre or out for a meal.
Enjoying some silliness, acting out a Christmas pantomime or playing games.

The possibilities are endless, and suggestions for events are always welcome.

We also have a Book Group consisting of around eight of our members, which meets roughly every six weeks, currently on a Tuesday at 2pm between normal group meetings, to discuss a chosen book. All members are most welcome to join this group.

Latest updates from Bury St Edmunds

Upcoming events at Bury St Edmunds

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At Lynne's, BURY ST EDMUNDS group

Christmas Party 🎄

13 Dec 2023

Let’s start the festivities with some of our trademark BSE fun and enthusiasm. Along with some wonderful festive food, we…

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Organised by Lyndsay, BURY ST EDMUNDS group

A Winter Walk ❄

10 Jan 2024

Join us for a bracing post-Christmas walk of about 1½ hours in the beautiful (but possibly muddy) countryside around Dalham,…

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Apex café , BURY ST EDMUNDS group

BOOK GROUP: “Trespasses”

16 Jan 2024

Meet at the Apex Café at 2pm to chat about “Trespasses” by Louise Kennedy. There is nothing special about the…

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Organised by Jane, BURY ST EDMUNDS group

New Year Meal 🍴

24 Jan 2024

Our traditional celebration of the New Year. This may be lunchtime or evening – time and venue to be decided…

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At Zelda's, BURY ST EDMUNDS group

Natural Structures 🕸

7 Feb 2024

We have looked at many man-made structures like bridges & tunnels, but what about those made by nature itself and…

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Organised by Carole, BURY ST EDMUNDS group


14 Feb 2024

We’ll visit one of the local gardens to see the snowdrop displays. Venue to be decided – Chippenham or Fuller’s…

The Jobs We Did 👩🏻‍🏭

21 Feb 2024

Think about those holiday, Saturday, or voluntary jobs you have done over time. Were they amazing, ridiculous, interesting, tedious? What…

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Apex Café , BURY ST EDMUNDS group

BOOK GROUP: “The Heights”

27 Feb 2024

Meet at the Apex Café, at 2pm, to discuss “The Heights” by Louise Candlish. Ellen Saint is just your average…

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At Jan T's, BURY ST EDMUNDS group

Remarkable, but Unacknowledged, Women

6 Mar 2024

As we near International Women’s Day, choose and research a woman who did something remarkable, but who never got the…

Significant Numbers 🔢

20 Mar 2024

Why are numbers significant in our cultures?Choose any number, and investigate instances where it is featured: how and why it…

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At Lynne's, BURY ST EDMUNDS group

Mountains 🌄

3 Apr 2024

Think of anything to do with mountains. Which have you climbed, or is on your bucket list to climb? What…

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At Margaret's, BURY ST EDMUNDS group

Nationwide Association of Blood Bikes – an Introduction 🏍

17 Apr 2024

Our speaker will introduce us to this wonderful charity, which is an essential service where volunteers use motor bikes to…

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Organised by Val, BURY ST EDMUNDS group

Theatre Royal Tour 🎭

24 Apr 2024

A guided tour round the Georgian Theatre Royal in Bury St Edmunds, starting at 11am. Tickets are £10, or £5…

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Organised by Ute, BURY ST EDMUNDS group

Outing to Bressingham Gardens

1 May 2024

(or similar, tbc) A daytime visit to one of our local East Anglian gardens.Morning start. Photo: Airwolfhound, CC BY-SA 2.0,…

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At Carole's, BURY ST EDMUNDS group

Planning Meeting 📰

15 May 2024

Time to put our heads together and come up with some brilliant ideas for meetings through summer and into November…

What Have the Georgians Ever Done For Us?

29 May 2024

As we say in Bury St Edmunds: ‘What have the Georgians ever done for us?’ How did the Georgians shape…


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