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TheΒ Bury St Edmunds group was founded in 1967, in the early days of the organisation, and has been continually active since then. The group averages around 20 members and aims to meet on alternate Wednesdays. Whilst our meetings are, as a rule, in members’ homes in the evening, there are also quite likely to be daytime activities & visits, which may be on any day.

We plan our programme twice a year, when members meet to suggest and agree on a wide variety of topics and activities for meetings over the following six months.

For example, you might find us:

Visiting a local producer, to see how their methods are moving with the times.
Investigating a country or region such as the Caribbean, its history and culture – and tucking into delicious examples of its food, brought along by members.
Choosing a local Folk Tale to discover and pass on; or simply ‘something coloured Red’.
Discovering facts about Bedrooms, or Bridges, Natural Structures or a Redundant Occupation.
Discussing Keeping Fit and Health – how have our habits and our perception changed over time?
Researching the advantages and risks of developing AI technology.
Gathering together to listen to an engaging talk given by a local speaker.
Sharing personal stories as we chat whilst taking part in a walk which suits everyone, probably with tea & cake at the endΒ  πŸ˜‰
Being entertained at the theatre or out for a meal.
Enjoying some silliness, acting out a Christmas pantomime or playing games.

The possibilities are endless, and suggestions for events are always welcome.

We also have a Book Group consisting of around eight of our members, which meets roughly every six weeks, currently on a Tuesday at 2pm between normal group meetings, to discuss a chosen book. All members are most welcome to join this group.

Upcoming events at Bury St Edmunds

What Have the Georgians Ever Done For Us?

29 May 2024

As we say in Bury St Edmunds: β€˜What have the Georgians ever done for us?’ How did the Georgians shape…

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At Lynne's, BURY ST EDMUNDS group

What3Words Challenge πŸ” 

12 Jun 2024

Look up the What3Words reference for a location at your home, and see if you can make up a short…

The Year Your Mother was Born πŸ‘©πŸ»

26 Jun 2024

1920’s? 1930’s? 1940’s? 1950’s? Investigate what was happening in the year your Mother was born – maybe even the month…

Local icon
Apex CafΓ©, BURY ST EDMUNDS group

BOOK GROUP: “A Tidy Ending”

2 Jul 2024

Meet at 2pm in the Apex cafΓ©, to chat about Joanna Cannon’s latest book: “A Tidy Ending” “Linda lives a…

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At Yvonne's, BURY ST EDMUNDS group

The Oldest Book on your Shelf πŸ“š

10 Jul 2024

Dust off the oldest book on your bookshelf. Maybe it is a very old publication but only recently acquired, or…

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Organised by Val, BURY ST EDMUNDS group

Conservation Tour at Ickworth House πŸ”Ž

24 Jul 2024

Take a step behind closed doors in the Rotunda to see Ickworth through the eyes of the collections team.“Ickworth is…

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Organised by Janice, BURY ST EDMUNDS group

A Summer Walk around Rattlesden πŸšΆπŸ»β€β™€οΈ

7 Aug 2024

Meet outside the Brewers pub at 11am for a guided walk of the village.( Followed by lunch at the Brewers…

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Organised by Lyndsay, BURY ST EDMUNDS group

Orwell River Cruise β›΄

21 Aug 2024

A cruise down the river Orwell from Ipswich, and back, maybe with refreshments.Full details will be posted here, depending on…

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Organised by Carole, BURY ST EDMUNDS group

The Forgotten Bees 🐝

4 Sep 2024

We all know about Honeybees and Bumblebees, but how many other bee species are there in the U.K. and what…

Local icon
At Zelda's, BURY ST EDMUNDS group

Trees and Leaves 🌳

18 Sep 2024

As the year turns towards the months when leaves on trees are changing colour, we will look at trees and…

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At Margaret's, BURY ST EDMUNDS group

Blood Bikes 🏍

2 Oct 2024

Our speaker will introduce us to this wonderful charity, which is an essential service where volunteers use motor bikes to…

Caribbean Evening – NWR Country Theme 2024 🍍

16 Oct 2024

We’ll have a colourful evening investigating all things Caribbean, with regional food, maybe a quiz, traditional food, interesting facts, pictures,…

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Organised by Carole, BURY ST EDMUNDS group

Tour of West Stow Hall

29 Oct 2024

An opportunity to look around and discover the history of this lovely Tudor manor in West Stow, on a guided…

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At Carole's, BURY ST EDMUNDS group

Telephone Treasure Trail πŸ€”β”

13 Nov 2024

The TTT!! Our annual attempt to answer all 20 questions in the given time, in this enjoyable NWR national quiz.Can…

Planning Meeting

27 Nov 2024

Time to put together another interesting programme, for the next 6 months.Ideas, anyone? There were lots we had to leave…

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At Lynne's, BURY ST EDMUNDS group

Christmas Party πŸŽ„

11 Dec 2024

Time for seasonal festivities, fun and food, suggestions for games, activities etc.Please let Lynne know what you will bring.Start at…


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