Local Organiser
Local Organiser
Val Coulson

The Harrogate Group was originally formed in the 1970s and currently has 30 members.   In April 2020 we started using zoom for all meetings and are still using it for Evening Group.  About a week before the date of the zoom meeting members submit their research by email and the results are discussed in a 40 minute evening zoom call on a Monday-Wednesday rotation.   Book Group members are now holding monthly meetings in members homes – in the afternoons in winter and evenings in summer.  The Morning Group meets every 2 weeks on a Thursday at 10.00 am.  Prior to lockdown we met in members’ houses but from September 2021, as we have so many members attending Morning Group, we decided to rent a meeting room in Harrogate and members attending pay a small additional charge.   We felt that this allowed us to be socially distanced and to meet safely.  We have a rota of members who introduce the topic of the day for discussion and provide refreshments.   Some members are enjoying the interesting talks and quizzes being arranged by Head Office.   In addition we have a supper party group for members and their partners (which we hope to restart next year) and occasional theatre trips, pub lunches and country walks.   We are pleased that we have been able to welcome 4 new members since summer 2020.

Members all live in the Harrogate area and new members are always warmly welcomed.

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