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Harrogate explore AI

Earlier this year we had an afternoon meeting on the topic of Artificial Intelligence which was a mystery to most of us!   We set the laptops to performing various tasks for us, one of which was to write a poem about a ladies group and this is what it produced.   We thought it did very well!

In the heart of laughter, where friendships bloom,

A ladies’ group gathers in a cosy room.

With stories to share and secrets to keep,

They dance through life in a circle so deep.

In the cafe corner or under starry skies

A sisterhood formed, where no judgement lies.

With cups of coffee or glasses raised high,

They navigate life with a twinkle in the eye.

From youthful dreams to the wisdom of years,

Each lady in the group sheds joyous tears.

Through trials and triumphs, hand in hand,

They find strength in the unity of this band.

Their gatherings echo with laughter’s refrain,

A melody sung through joy and through pain.

In whispered confessions and shared delight,

They weave a tapestry of love so bright.

Through fashion faux pas and beauty debates,

They celebrate wrinkles as life’s ornate.

In every scar and in each gray strand,

They find the beauty, oh so grand.

So here’s to the ladies, the stars of the show,

In this group of friendship that continues to grow.

Through the chapters of life, hand in hand,

A ladies group, a forever clan.