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Local Organiser
Andrea Vine
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We are a friendly and active group that mostly meets weekly in members’ homes on Wednesday afternoons and evenings, though we do occasionally meet at other times for ad hoc events. We take it in turn to host and lead meetings.  When we don’t have hostesses available, we will meet up in a local café or pub. Our programme includes discussions, walks, the occasional craft workshop, and a book group.

In addition to the NWR membership fee, our group has an annual fee of £5 for trips, library books etc. and a fee of £2 which we give to hostesses when they host. There is no charge for meeting up in a pub or café. You can attend as many or as few meetings as you like, and you only pay the weekly fee when you actually attend a meeting hosted by a member. You can attend up to 2 meetings to try us out before deciding whether you want to join NWR. Currently, the group has about 18 members. Weekly attendance is typically in the region of 4 – 12 people.

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