In Memoriam for Dilys

24th June 1945 – 19th January 2023

Dilys was an active member of Portishead NWR group for eight years, joining shortly after she moved to Portishead. Soon after Dilys joined the group, she volunteered to lead it for a year in 2016, producing a programme of meetings, and among other things organising a minibus to take us on a day trip to see Big Pit in Wales, which was an enjoyable and educational day out. Dilys always suggested original and thought-provoking topics for meetings, such as: ‘Housing the common man – regional variations in building materials’ and ‘If you were a refugee or asylum seeker, where would you go and what would you take?’ Dilys was knowledgeable about current affairs and culture, and no matter the topic of the meeting, she always contributed her ideas and opinions.

Dilys was a fun-loving, forthright, and committed NWR member, who went out of her way to welcome newcomers, support members in need, and consequently formed many lasting and valued friendships. Dilys was creative and had a great sense of style and colour, both in the clothes she wore, and in the way she furnished her home, and cultivated her garden (with a little bit of help from David). She was an accomplished dressmaker and she made a beautiful, tailored blouse from scraps of material that Jane had given her. Dilys was a generous hostess, and she hosted many NWR Christmas parties, and at them, she loved to dress up and wear fancy hats (of which she owned many).

Dilys was multifaceted and had many interests in addition to NWR, which she loved to tell us about. She adored art and we enjoyed admiring the paintings that she had painted adorning her home. She and David were active members in the Arts Society, and she would often tell us about the wonderful lectures they organised. Dilys was a great lover of card games, and she and Sandra were bridge partners playing with other ladies from their WI. Dilys was the embodiment of Christian values, and she had a great sense of civic duty. Dilys and Jane volunteered at Bristol Cathedral, mending the beautifully embroidered kneeling pads used for prayers.

Dilys will be sadly missed by all her friends in NWR, but she will always be remembered, and she will always be in our hearts. We are planting this rose as a tribute to Dilys. It will be a beautiful place where we can come to remember a wonderful friend.

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  1. What a lovely idea, to celebrate the contributions made to your group by this lady. She sounds like a good friend 👏

  2. Thank you for your kind words about my Granny. She will forever be missed x

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