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Local Organiser
Sandra Robinson
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Members live in Shrewsbury and in villages around. We meet evenings fortnightly on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. The smaller book group meets at 8pm on the third Monday of each month. We have a varied programme led by and contributed to by members. Pre Covid we met in members’ homes. The current programme for this autumn and winter is a mix of meetings on  Zoom and In booked village and church halls.

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Upcoming events at Shrewsbury

“To Beeb or Not to Beeb?”

25 May 2022

Is the TV licence an anachronism? What is the way forward for the BBC? Discussion led by group member

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Meet at 7pm. Location tba, SHREWSBURY group

Ramblers’ Book Walk

9 Jun 2022

Organised/Led by Chris R & Amanda

Book Group

20 Jun 2022

The Cleaner of Chartres by Sally Vickers


21 Jun 2022

“Why do we volunteer? Do we choose something similar to or different from our working lives?” Discussion led by member

“Breathing Well”

7 Jul 2022

Led by group members

Book Group

18 Jul 2022

A Summer Book by Tove Jansson

Bring-and-Share Social Evening

21 Jul 2022

Arrive at 18.45 – 19.00 with your goodies for our annual summer gathering

Your place in the family

2 Aug 2022

How did sibling order and gender affect your life, if at all? What if you were an only child? Discussion…

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Refer to programme , SHREWSBURY group

Shropshire Walk

17 Aug 2022

Meet at 7pm. Refer to programme for location details

Planning Meeting

8 Sep 2022

Get those thinking caps on for some great ideas to get us through the winter months. Led by LO

Our Changing Relationship with Food

20 Sep 2022

Discussion led by group member


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