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Local Organiser
Janet Barber
Local Organiser
Local Organiser
Pat Sweet

We meet in the evenings usually on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. We are a vibrant group that have a book group and also arrange outings. We have some daytime meetings as well as regular group meetings in the evening every two weeks. The varied programme includes both light-hearted and serious discussion topics and features contact with other nearby groups.

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Upcoming events at Trentham

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Trentham, TRENTHAM group

Christmas Party

9 Dec 2021

Lunch at Candocina, Tapas Bar in Trentham Gardens; celebrating Spain, NWR country for 2021

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Rugeley, TRENTHAM group

Day time meeting

24 Jan 2022

Tour of the Amazon Warehouse, Rugeley follwed by lunch at Wolseley Bridge, week commencing 25th January. Details to be confirmed.


Trentham NWR Programme Autumn 2021


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