Local Organiser
Local Organiser
Debbie Turnbull

We are a small friendly group aged in our 50s to 70s who enjoy the wide variety in our programme, which includes walks around our Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty to wide ranging discussions on geography, science and current affairs.  We particularly enjoy the NWR country themed evenings which will always include sampling of the cuisine of that country.  We participate in the annual NWR Telephone Treasure Trail with varied success but always lots of laughter.

Typical topics we might discuss are ‘What have the Romans done for us?’, Social Media and its effects, the Olympics or one evening we discussed anything potato related in our potato evening!

Our meetings take place fortnightly during term time, rotating between Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings.  We meet in our homes, but there is no obligation to host if you can’t or don’t want to.

New members are made to feel welcome, please get in touch with us using the button above if you’d like to know more.

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4 Jun 2024

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