The Welwyn group is one of the newest groups in Hertfordshire and are keen to welcome new members to help shape our group. The group has been meeting monthly in the evening in pubs in and around Welwyn Village for a discussion topic followed by a chat.

We have a pre-arranged discussion topic, which acts as an excellent icebreaker, and there is always plenty of time for chat before and after the discussion topic (and sometimes during!) and you are not obliged to say anything if you don’t want to, you’re welcome to come along and listen.

If it is your first time, you’ll be very welcome!  You’ll be able to identify us as I’ll have the blue and pink NWR fliers out on the table.

In 2024 we’ll be meeting at 7.30pm in a pub in and around Welwyn on the following days:

17 January – Talk about a place on the same longitude or latitude as Welwyn
14 February – Talk about something that is the colour red or related to the colour red, for example Little Red Riding Hood, phone boxes or the red squirrel. This usually makes for a wide variety of topics covered over the evening!
13 March – A favourite or memorable book
April – TBC, the NWR Walk
15 May – Let’s pick a letter of the alphabet, then we each talk about anything that starts with that letter
19 June – If you had a catastrophe, e.g. your house burnt down, what one item would you save?
17 July – Research ONE person with the same name as your mother (first or maiden name or both!)

Please contact us to find out more!

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