Your place in the family

The NWR Welwyn group met on sunny evening at the Red Lion pub for its May meeting. It was great to see some new faces. Our discussion topic was all about ‘your place in the family and how it has impacted you’. After hearing what the perceived characteristics of a first born, middle child, only child and youngest child, we all agreed that whilst it is true in some cases, in many it is not. So much more influences your character than your family situation, and your character can develop over time.

We all spoke about our individual family circumstances, we heard from people who have a close relationship with their siblings and others who don’t. A few mentioned bossy sisters – and not all were first born. Another member spoke of being an only child but also one of seven due to being adopted and being introduced to her siblings at the age of seven and that she had a similar mannerism to the mother she had never met. We considered whether our parents had treated us differently due to our gender. One member was one of nine children, she recalls a very happy childhood, but on reflection had no privacy due to there being so many children in the house.

There followed plenty of opportunity for a general chat so that we could get to know one another. We look forward to the next meeting!