Wokingham Forest

Local Organiser
Local Organiser
Carolyn Bell

Wokingham was once called Oakingham, meaning ‘town of the forest’ hence our group name.  Established in 2012, we currently meet every 3 weeks usually in Binfield on a  Monday afternoon at 2:30 pm.  We are a relatively small group which enables us to get to know each other better and creates a more intimate friendly social environment.

Having a variety of interests, hobbies, personalities and backgrounds, we find plenty to talk about when together. As a result our meetings are relaxed, interesting, informative and enjoyable, making it easy to join in and make new friends.

At the beginning of each  year we have a planning meeting in which every member contributes ideas for the regular meetings and social activities. Our regular meetings usually focus on a chosen topic which enables everyone to actively participate and engage. It is very interesting to hear members’ different interpretations of the topic and demonstrates the diversity within the group and individual contribution.

As well as our regular meetings we meet up for social activities such as going for walks, visiting local attractions and going out for meals. We also have a book group that is run separately.

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