NWR Facebook Groups

Would you like to make more NWR friends, connect with NWR members  all over the country and feel more engaged with NWR as a national organisation?  Would you enjoy sharing your thoughts and hearing from others on a range of topics?  If you would, you are assured of a warm welcome and, once accepted into a group, you are free to add comments and start new conversations in line with the group description any time you wish.

To join a NWR Facebook Group go to Facebook, then search for the name of the group you want to join (listed below) and request to join.

If you’re not yet sure about using Facebook, rest assured this is a private and safe way to get involved, secure in the knowledge that only current members of NWR have access to our official groups.

I love knowing I can contact my NWR friends at any time.

If you think there is scope for a new group, you are welcome to contact any of the Admin team to discuss your idea – it’s how several new groups have started.

NWR Official Facebook Groups

Discussionsomething topical and/or reasonably serious that will generate discussion

Chatlighter topics that aren’t too serious that will invite chat.

Programme PlanningA very useful group for exchanging and sharing programme ideas.

How Was Your Day? Highs & Lows! – This group is for personal experiences. Tell us about anything joyous, funny, sad, shocking, good or bad in your day. 

Creates – Anything creative: writing, knitting, painting, pottery, photography etc.  Photos always appreciated.

Bookworms –  Looking for inspiration for a new author to try?  Would you like to tell us about a book you’ve just enjoyed, or not enjoyed?

Culture Vultures – Anything apart from books.  It can range from opera, ballet or exhibitions to your favourite soap.

All Things Quizzical – Anything to do with quizzes, word games, brain teasers etc. 

NWR Conferences and Events – the forum to share ideas for regional, area and/or local events

Trips, Tours & Outings – This is for your personal stories be it a walk, a day out, a mini break or a holiday at home or abroad. We’d also like to hear anything travel related that you’d like to share.

Techie Help – Got a technical problem?  There’s usually someone who can help.

Naturewatch – Share places to see flora and fauna, post your photographs of wildlife and flowers.

Genealogy & Historical Research – Swap ideas and share your findings.

Health & Wellbeing – Anything health related, but please remember we’re only sharing ideas – we’re not experts!

Our Planet Matters – Any environmental issues

Are you new to using Facebook? Or want to know more about NWR Facebook groups?

The NWR Facebook admin team have put together a handy guide all about using Facebook. It covers common misconceptions as well as information specific to using NWR groups. If you have a question please contact the NWR Facebook admin team. They are happy to help, and particularly like hearing from members who are new to Facebook.

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