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A big thank you from Linda Messham

Many NWR members will be familiar with script writer and NWR member Linda Messham and her murder mystery plays.

The NWR office received an email from Linda thanking all NWR members who have hired out her plays over the last year. Linda donates the money raised to charities supporting third world countries. Last year Linda raised £1000, which was donated to Medecins Sans Frontier – Doctors Without Borders who will use it to help people affected by conflict and natural disasters, having access to surgery and medical care.

Last year’s donation brings the total directly raised from hiring the plays to just over £12,000.  Most years Linda has managed to get matched funding which means the total received by the third world charities she supports is now over £21,000. NWR groups continuing to hire the plays makes this possible. She says “There are some wonderful groups who have supported me since the start and have done all ten plays – number 11 is now available. Thank you again for your part in making the donations to charity possible”.

Click here to find out more about the plays. Interested in performing it with your group? Contact the NWR office at [email protected] and ask to be put in touch with Linda. The covering picture shows NWR group Cox Green performing the ‘Semitones Murder Mystery’.