Christmas party fun in Horsham

We enjoyed our Christmas party very much and several members were in fits of laughter during Elisabeths quiz session especially during ‘Guess the person’ based on our Likes and Dislikes. We also enjoyed: ‘Guess the word’ (Do not reveal the word, only give clues.) A few of us accidentally lost points in that round!

We enjoyed True or false. Here are some examples:

In a regular deck of cards all the kings have a moustache.

Ready for a challenge!

Three strikes in a row in bowling is called an eagle.

People are born with more bones than they have in adulthood. (Google will help you out!)

Liz introduced the group to the delights of flavoured jelly beans in ‘Guess the flavour.’

“They all taste of sugar!”

And we enjoyed the intense identification of the Celebrity Panto Dames.

Someone was heard to say ‘This is a bit dated’. (:

Time flew by. Thanks to Anne for hosting and for the mulled wine!

Happy New Year everyone!

Guess the panto dame celebrity.