Chocolate, anyone?

You may be forgiven for thinking these three had polished off the tableful of chocolatey offerings all by themselves…. But no! The other eleven attendees had already helped themselves and were sitting in the other room, merrily sampling their platefuls of food items typical of the Benelux, brought along by everyone. Indeed there certainly WAS a lot of chocolate…..! And cheese.
Our Benelux evening was a great success and in addition to the food, consisted of a wide selection of topics as everyone chose and presented an aspect of the three countries.
These are some examples of what we covered:
the various languages; TinTin & Herge; licorice (‘drop’!); diamonds; wolves in Belgium; what it is like to live in Belgium; clogs; cycling in the Netherlands; the paintings of Vermeer; Anne Frank’s House; traditions in Luxembourg (like the wonderfully quirky “Hopping Procession of Echternach“). So much to talk about, we ran out of time!
Wonder what next year’s theme country will be?