‘It’s too hot’

‘No, it’s not’

‘It’s too hot for me.’

‘Well I just cannot agree,

I love the heat.’

‘It swells up my feet.’

‘Oh! this rain

What a pain.’

‘I beg your pardon

It’s good for the garden.’

‘It’s so miserably grey

And it so spoils my day.’

‘Ugh! This horrible white stuff. Snow!’

‘I love it, can’t get enough’

‘Oh! you slip and you slide

And I cannot abide

When it melts and all turns to slush.’

‘I laugh when the wind’s in my face.’

‘Just makes me despair

It messes up my hair

My curls will not stay in place.’

‘Did you see the frost on the grass

And pretty patterns on the glass?’

‘It will ruin my fruit trees

And set off my knees

They’re bad when we have a freeze.’

‘A spectacular storm we had

The lightning was really quite bad

But how exciting to watch the lightning

I even got out of bed!’

‘You got out of bed to watch a storm

That can’t be norm

It has to be said I find the lightning

so very frightening.’

All sorts of people, like all sorts of weather

And all sorts of weather suits all sorts of people.

But what consternation without weather

For our conversation!

By Jill Heeley (Batheaston NWR)