Durham Zooms Ahead

The Durham Group have already started having all their meetings online, starting with a Planning Meeting and then their first Discussion Group on the subject of “What is Nuclear Medicine?”.

Enid Hoseason the Local Organiser writes “It worked quite well and instead of going around the room and asking members to contribute, we just went around the screen, and like a normal meeting, those members who did not want to contribute, just listened.  

Members are using different devices, from iphones to iPads and lap tops so those using phones have to swipe the screen to see everyone in the group as they only see four at a time.  it is also useful to use the CHAT button on the bottom of the screen if someone cannot hear very well.

Each week we have had emails from each other, from members who have walked around their gardens and taken photos of their lovely flowers and shared them online – just little things to keep us in touch with each other. I know that tonight, some members have watched the live theatre on the television and others are taking part in the events NWR Head Office are organising.

This is a photo of us enjoying a VE Celebration tea and cake together.”

Durham VE Day Zoom Pic