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Life goes on in lockdown

“Oh the times they are a-changing” as Bob Dylan sung and at NWR we are also trying to adapt to the new challenging conditions. Many groups are getting far more technically savvy than they ever imagined possible, holding ZOOM groups with aplomb and forming WhatsApp groups. Here at the NWR office we are also working hard to keep people connected and entertained .

  • We have managed to procure free access for all our members to the Digital Theatre Plus online platform. Here you can access thousands of wonderful plays and stage productions.
  • We have also increased the number of newsletters with much useful information at this time, and including many quizzes provided by our wonderful members
  • We are offering online events and quizzes which are getting wonderful feedback
  • We are putting together a book of your poetry inspired by this unique time

So although we are all social distancing and meeting physically isn’t yet possible, in some ways it feels as if we have never been closer.

Keep alert (as the government is saying now) and unleash your creativity!