Five Go Foraging

Another first for Leighton Buzzard:  Five of our group had a marvellous day in Mistletoe Woods in Buckinghamshire, foraging for fungi.   It is a beautiful, ancient beech wood, with a fantastic mixture of broad-leaved trees and hidden glades. There a large variety of interesting species, particularly fungi, The surrounding hedgerows and fields also show a rich variety of edible plants to learn about. Despite the poor weather forecast, the rain bypassed the wood, although they had to contend with soggy ground after the previous day’s rain. They were made very welcome by the owners who had set up a rustic base camp. Our ‘Famous Five’ were given an interesting introduction to fungi by their guide, Phil, and then walked the woods discovering and tasting various types of fungi, many of which ended up in his knapsack for their supper, later cooked and eaten back at base camp. The group thoroughly recommends it as an NWR day out – see for a location near you or contact LB NWR.