Fun and games

The purpose of Articulate

Is clearly to communicate

The very words upon the card

It surely can’t be very hard

But Strasbourg’s now a German town

One’s geography did let one down

A violent gangster’s not alone

For Castro’s pals with Al Capone

And logarithms caused a blank

(While still at school I found it stank)

A wrench was mimed with great aplomb

But timed out sadly by the bomb

With others numbers weren’t a hit

Mixed algebra and ‘rithmetic

While lost for words it’s politic

To have a serious coughing fit

The cowboys in the Old Wild West

Are no longer at their macho-best

While looking for a drink and brawl

That isn’t what they get at all

Instead of shoot-outs what they get

Is hair highlighted, curled and set


‘Ban the bomb’ cried our Yorkshire lass

Who wasn’t quick enough to pass

The ticking monster on in time

For lost for words (for once) it’s true

A pile of cards she did accrue


Please note: no reputations were damaged during the making of this poem


By Julia Hamby | NWR Bedale and District