History of Colours

Tuesday 20 Feb six of us met in person and the leader on Zoom.  

The organiser started with an overview of colour including dyes and the development and use of pigments, the way colour can affect mood and the feelings evoked by different colours.

She also talked of the use of colour in painting.  We perceive colour because of the cells within the retina and the different wavelengths of light.  Mention was made of the work of Newton and how he showed white light splitting into the spectrum using a prism.

She finished with some interesting visual illusions.  

We then had talks on various colours, Navy blue, pink, tan, indigo, white and purple.  Every talk approached the subject from a different perspective 

Navy blue – as a fashion item, and the use in naval uniforms

Pink – with its various interesting made up names as the colour has no natural source

Tan – including tanning leather and tanning the skin

White – and it many meanings including the use as a sign of purity (good laugh about the use in wedding dresses even in brides who are given away by their children)

Indigo – and the history of it development and cost

Purple – and the very expensive production of purple dye from snails