Information and Disinformation

Eight of us had a really good evening in a member’s garden Tues 26 June, in balmy summer warmth, discussing Information and Disinformation.

The organiser had put lots of thought into it and produced her own “Internet” bag containing a net of snippets of Information for us to discuss.

She provided us with a comprehensive introduction to the topic and definitions, categorisations and distinctions between Information, Misinformation, Disinformation, Mal-information.

Fake News and Post-truth were explored. Some of our brains were quite scrambled by the end of the evening!

In 2017, the inventor of the World Wide Web, Tim Berners-Lee claimed that fake news was one of the three most significant new disturbing Internet trends that must first be resolved if the Internet is to be capable of truly “serving humanity.”

Plenty of anecdotes arose and were discussed. Plenty more to think about.