January Lunch Club

The Lunch Club meet monthly on varying days of the week to give everyone a chance to attend sometimes depending on their family or volunteer commitments.  We meet at garden centres, hotels or small restaurants and try to find places with added interest like shops or gardens to check out after our meal.

The first lunch of 2024 was held at a farm shop on the outskirts of a village called Cranswick on the road between Beverley and Driffield.   Eight of the Beverley & District NWR Group enjoyed pleasant meals ranging from Welsh Rarebit to Chicken, Ham and Leek Pie.   A few even managed to find room for a dessert with their coffee or tea.    We had a good chat for a couple of hours and on the way out we found a willing person to take our photo.

The next lunch will be on Friday 16th February at the Marne Restaurant at Beverley Golf Club which is situated on Beverley Westwood, so there is a chance for a short walk if the weather is kind.  If you would like to come along please get in touch with Lyn.