Mmmm – cake!

The Mary Berry theme of our latest meeting prompted huge enthusiasm at first. Then we wondered how it would work. “Make a cake using a vegetable or unusual fruit”. Right. Then what – just eat it all? BUT – with the usual inventiveness of our group we came up with the idea (Lynne’s) of numbering the cakes (13 of them!) and giving everyone a numbered list to write a guess as to what was in each cake. Not so easy. Beetroot, parsnip, pumpkin, sweet potato, butternut squash, fig…. Much conferring got us not very far, and the best effort was only 6 out of 13. Interesting! Most of us managed 2 or 3 – mostly beetroot, which comes obligingly with chocolate. Cups of tea were soooo welcome after all that, and we rolled home vowing ‘no more cake for a week, honest’. A very enjoyable and surprisingly entertaining evening ;o)