Japanese Evening

Codsall and Wolverhampton NWR enjoyed a challenging Japanese themed evening.  We were very fortunate to have as a guest visitor a Japanese lady who was able to confirm our research and extend our activities through first hand experience. We began by learning how to great each other in Japanese. Very challenging!  We then continued with food tasting, enjoying small samples of fish and vegetable cooked in a light tempura batter, along with a sweet chicken dish and pork meat balls served on lettuce with grated carrot.  We then sampled some Saki after learning how to correctly pour the drink and hold the glasses.

After refreshments we analysed the structure and content of Haiku poetry.  We then worked in small groups or as individuals to write our own Haiku poems which we read aloud on completion.  We were all very impressed with our efforts which can be read at the end of this article.

Our next challenge was Origami.  We were shown how to fold paper to make a crane, which is a bird of great significance in Japan.  We all successfully managed to make our own crane.  We then learned a little about a unique collection, held in our local art gallery, of Japanese sword handles.  This was extremely interesting and we would all like to see these articles in our gallery.  Unfortunately due to lack of space they are not on regular display.

Our next activity was a talk on the Tea Ceremony.  This is full of ritual and our guest was able to explain how young girls today learn about these rituals in clubs at their schools.  We all thought it seemed a very enjoyable social activity.  Our guest had brought some food samples and cookery books to show us.  This led to a general discussion about living in Japan and the teaching of English as a second language in Japanese schools. 

The meeting continued until late and we were forced to end before we had explored all our ideas.  However we all thought it was a really good evening and best of all we may have a new member in our group – Our Japanese Visitor!

Please read our Haiku Poems



Ark of bright colours

Curving bridge to pot of gold

Where has the rain gone?



Hope, fullness is now

New shoots of colour rising

Our futures are good.



New green shoots appear

Life renewed, hope springs eternal

Tread softly, unspoilt.


The Forest

Tall statue like trees

Bluebell carpet in the wood

Sun shimmering through.


Ancient Forest

The wood is lonely

The river meanders through

The peace of bird song.


The Church

Home of the faithful

Meeting in worship and song

Hope for the future.


The Church

The church tall and still

Then filled with sudden bustle

The bride meets her groom.



Waiting for a surprise

Bringing much joy and heartache

Who will they be like?