Moments of Joy

Eight of us enjoyed an amiable and uplifting evening sharing our Moments of Joy. 

“Joy” – vivid pleasure arising from a sense of well-being and satisfaction.

We discussed our understanding of the term and then each shared examples of what it meant to us.

As ever there was a delightful variety of interpretations. Here is some of what we shared:-

  • A home-produced short film of the delights of diving and swimming with fish,
  • a captured expression of joy on an ageing parent returning to her treasured seashore on the Isle of Barra,
  • a slide show of hobbies and blue skies in an otherwise murky January,
  • charming watercolours of a hare and a serene swan painted by one of our number,
  • “Adventure Lab” app for short treasure hunts in local small towns and the pleasure of peace and time enjoyed in lockdown,
  • family treasured moments after separation and good news shared,
  • a tale of nurturing a tiny mouse – showing us to ….“find joy in small things”.