More than one book! A different kind of book group session when we all chose an individual biography. (December 2023.) We managed to discuss 13 books!

Below are the list of titles that were read: Perhaps this will engender a wave of interest!

(images from Amazon)

Anne – A biopic of Lady Lever which prompted a few questions from those of us less familiar with the area/family.

Sue –‘Blood and Sand’ by Frank Gardner. Thank you Sue for a detailed insight into the book and the man.

Margaret –‘Toast’ by Nigel Slater. Margaret shared some anecdotes both funny and sad, from her favourite chef. We were definitely showing our age reminiscing about Angel Delight!

Ruth – ‘Angela Merkel’ by Matthew Qvortrup. Chosen after a visit to Berlin where Ruth decided she needed to know more about this once divided country.

Katharine – ‘Going Solo’ by Roald Dahl. We were all familiar with his stories but maybe less so his life so thank you Katherine.

Jenny – ‘Coconut’ by Florence Olajide. After searching the shelves for a biography of someone more ordinary Jenny settled on this title, wanting to know more about the little girl on the cover. As it turned out, the little girl was anything but ordinary!

Liz – ‘Old Rage’ by Sheila Hancock. Liz was initially inspired to read this after watching the film ‘Edie’. I think Sheila writes as well as she acts, definitely worth a look.

Pauline –‘The Good Servant’ by Fern Britton. This was actually a novel but strongly based on the life of the nanny of the Queen and Princess Margaret, Marion Crawford or ‘Crawfie’

Teresa –‘Unnatural Causes’ by Dr Richard Shepherd. As it says on the front cover ‘the life and many deaths of Britain’s top Forensic Pathologist’ An extremely interesting read if you’re not too squeamish!

Beryl – ‘That’s another story’ by Julie Walters. A local actress whom I’m sure we will all have seen in various tv shows and films. Sounds like an interesting trip through her life story.

Gillian – ‘This much is True’ by Miriam Margolyes. Gillian says, ‘yes, she is naughty, but never malicious; she is a kind, thoughtful and intelligent lady. A worthwhile read.

Gillian – ‘Becoming’ by Michelle Obama. A deeply personal, beautifully written story of her life from childhood to her role as the first black American First Lady. A truly inspiring woman.

Anne –‘In order to live’ by Yeonmi Park. Some of the descriptions of life in North Korea and China are harrowing but I would really recommend it.

As you can see it was a very varied selection and I hope it provides a few new titles for you to consider.