NWR begins in Biggleswade!

The Biggleswade Group held their first meeting in the light and airy bar area of the Stratton House Hotel. Cath began the meeting with a brief history of NWR and an explanation of what NWR has to offer its members today. We then launched into the topic for discussion “Tell us about your most interesting or earliest memory associated with a car or road trip”.

As well as hearing about a stunning road trip in Zimbabwe we also heard a number of early memories of being in a car – traffic jams going to Norfolk for summer holidays (with Dad getting out of the car for a walk, and catching up with him further down the road), parents getting lost and circuling Big Ben in London multiple times (but not minding as it meant spending longer in the smart new car), a few close brushes with the law (it all turned out okay in the end) and being taken on day trips with an aunt and uncle as a child. The most unforgetable story of the night: remembering how, as a child, she had her photo taken standing next to their Mini. When they looked at the photo a women could clearly be seen sitting in the back of the car wearing a hat. Could this be the ghost of a previous owner? This sparked many questions!

Our thoughts also turned to how the experience of being in a car has changed over the years – compulsory seatbelts, more cars on the road, children in car seats – you can no longer put children in the boot if you run out of space, even for short trips!

Then followed plenty of opportunity to chat and get to know one another. We look forward to meeting up again and hopefully seeing some new faces.