NWR Portishead Summer Outings

The Summer Outing has been arranged. August 17th The Big Pit, Blaenavon.  At the meeting a couple of weeks ago members showed great enthusiasm for the destination and at this week’s meeting I was given the go ahead to confirm the Silverlink minibus and book the mine tour. If we fill the bus the fare will be £15 each to include a small tip for the driver. There is no charge for the attractions at Blaenavon, nor for the Tour. There is a canteen at the mine serving coffee, tea and simple lunches including jacket potatoes, soup and several choices of lunch specials. In the afternoon  we should have time to visit the World Heritage Centre there too, where there is a café serving tea and (I hope) cakes!

The bus will leave the Lake Ground at 9.00am and leave Blaenavon at 4.00pm the journey should take 1hr 15mins. It is likely that we may have to invite partners/ friends to come too in order to fill the coach. Please let me know as soon as possible that you can come. I will collect payment at the meetings during the next three or four weeks after that we will know whether we need to open the trip to friends and partners.           

Have a look at the website. www.visitblaenavon.co.uk/en


On 10th August in the daytime we plan to take the bus into Bristol and walk around the city following a route described in a booklet about the Slave Trade. It is hoped that Catherine will be free to lead the walk.