Pursuing happiness at our London regional conference

Happiness. It’s a word that packs a lot of emotion. The kind of emotion we all seem to be in pursuit of. Some of us have more luck than others, but there are endless ways out there of finding your inner place of wisdom.

We will be delving into this – at times elusive topic – from 11.00–15.00 on Saturday 29 October at our regional conference in London, The Pursuit of Happiness.

You’ll hear the myriad of ways that happiness is defined and what ‘positive psychology’ is, from our two speakers who are professionals in the happiness and success fields. Miriam Akhtar is a positive psychologist and leading practitioner of the science. Michael Ferguson has been working in management and leadership development, having discovered his real interests in ‘human software’ and the implications for people development and optimum personal performance.

Here’s a sneak peak into the questions that will be discussed:

• What is ‘success’, and how does it relate to happiness?

• Does it matter if we achieve it?

• What practical steps do we need to take to get what we want or to where we want to be?

• What role does ‘luck’ play?

• Are there really no limits on what we can personally achieve?


Will you be joining us on 29 October, in our pursuit of happiness?


Conference fee: £35

Please contact the office by 23 September 2016 to book your place.