Bookham NWR completes Scrapbook pages

As part of the Diamond celebrations all groups completed a couple of pages of a scrapbook to represent their group. Bookham finally got around to sorting out what we thought represented us. Turned out Bookham NWR has been active for 50 years – our Golden anniversary. The group was started in 1971 and is still going strong in 2021.

So our pages contain references to the many meetings and activities that we’ve enjoyed over the years. At our 50 year celebration (a cream tea in one of our members garden – all socially distanced) each current member gave us a list of their favourite meetings and what NWR meant to them. From this we found photographs, lists of meetings, parts of programmes etc which were all printed out and artistically glued onto the pages. It was easier than we first thought once we were in the swing of it. The glue even washed off our fingers and the table when we’d finished.

Now the pages have been delivered to be added to all the others in the Scrapbook project which we look forward seeing completed.