NWR’s Interview on Woman’s Hour


On Friday 28th February 2020 our National Organiser Natalie Punter and Trustee Jo Thomson were interviewed by Jenni Murray in the BBC Studios London.

So after many years of being a “Best Kept Secret” with recommendations passed around by word of mouth, we’ve been given nationwide publicity. 

It was a wonderful and inspiring interview capturing the ethos of NWR. 

Listen to the interview by clicking on the link http://tiny.cc/n3kpk

Jo Thomson Reports on Her Experience

“On Thursday, 27th February, Natalie and I discovered that we were to be on Woman’s Hour on the following day.  This invitation had been sparked, I think, by the extensive interview in the Guardian on Thursday with Maureen Nicol.  We were contacted on Thursday afternoon by a BBC producer who gave us some idea of what we might be asked, and we duly presented ourselves at Broadcasting House on Friday morning. 

We thought we might be nervous, or perhaps find that we had nothing to say, but we were shepherded up to the Green Room and had our photographs taken, as well as chatting to others who would also be included in the programme, so that there wasn’t really time to think about how we were feeling. 

One of those we chatted to was Helen Lewis, author of “Difficult Women”, on the subject of feminism, who was most interesting, and she in turn was intrigued by NWR.  In due course we were taken up to the recording area where we waited for the previous item to finish, and then it was our turn to be ushered into the studio in front of Jenni Murray.  She very kindly put us at our ease immediately with that lovely warm tone of voice, and we found that we had plenty to say, managing to cover all the topics we had meant to mention.  It was all over in no time, and almost as soon as we left we started receiving congratulatory messages from all and sundry, which was very gratifying.  We certainly very much enjoyed it, and hope it benefits NWR too.”