Wednesday walk in Oundle

On 3rd April, four Deepings members uncovered the secrets of a Northamptonshire town on the doorstep. The blossom was out in force, if not the sunshine and the creamy tones of the Ancaster stone buildings welcomed us to this most charming market town for our 3rd Wednesday walk.

It appears Deepings are ‘ahead of the curve’ – for our NWR patron Jo Moseley has in the 22nd April newsletter challenged us all to :

...feel the benefits of walking for our mind, body and spirit…

Our Jo – not JM designed the April walk route for us. Here is a summary of the highlights which I urge everyone to take the notes and make the walk your own, for each season will bring new delights for the walker.

  • Yarrow Art Gallery 1918
  • The Chapel of St Anthony 1923 – stained glass
  • St Anthony House for boy boarders – copper dome
  • Jesus Catholic Church – 1879 became the second Anglican church
  • West Street
    • Stahl Theatre
    • Paines Cottages
    • Queen Victoria Hall
    • Ship Inn
    • 17th century cottages
    • Cobthorne House
  • Beans Coffee shop (on the corner of Marketplace)
  • War Memorial – often with knitting
  • Old Town Hall
  • The Colonnaded bookshop 17th C
  • North Street
    • St Peter’s Church
    • Laxton School Building now part of Oundle School
    • Great Hall of Oundle School

Thanks Jo for the Oundle walk and the meandering drive home through villages and landscape I will enjoy exploring in the summer months ahead. JB