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penfriends and e-friends


‘Receiving a chatty letter is great. Sit and read it over a cuppa and it is like having a chat with a good friend, albeit one sided’ says Scheme organiser Lynn Latham.

With an NWR pen pal you can exchange programmes and share ideas. If there is no group near you it is a good way to feel part of NWR and getting to know other members. You could always arrange to meet up with pen pals at Conference or at an NWR event. Why not give it a try? I can guarantee you hours of pleasure, friendship, fun and the support of loyal friends in difficult times.

How to join

To join the penfriend scheme, send Lynn brief details of your name and address, age (not essential) and brief details of your interests along with membership type and two second class stamps. Your details will be sent to three other members and you will, in time, receive the names of three members to write to.

E-Friends Scheme

As an alternative, for those members who want to contact other members on a one to one basis, but don’t want to write letters, Lynn is running an E-Friends Scheme alongside the Penfriend Scheme. It has the same benefits but everything is done by email. You could do a mixture of emails and letters if you wished to, it is up to you and your pal.


If you are interested in joining a Penfriend or E-friend group please send your details to the Organiser, Lynn Latham via Direct Message on the  NWR Social Network.