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Solihull NWR in Paris

A Solihull member called Ann
Of travelling is a great fan
Shall we go away ?
She uttered one day
We chorussed “We will if we can”

She fancied a trip to “Paree”
The Guardian had one on page 3
Secret Paris on Foot
We all had a look
It’s perfect! we all said with glee

We travelled to Paris by train
We let Eurostar take the strain
It was speedy and clean
We were happy and keen
(And we also said bye to the rain)

A three day,2 night walking tour
Round areas not seen before
The sun it was hot
We saw such a lot
Our feet soon became rather sore!

The cruise on the Seine was so calm
We queued up to see Notre Dame
Sacre Couer was a sight
And the Tower by night
Shone blue and was so full of charm

We walked and we talked and we saw
Montmartre,the Marais and lots more
The wine and the food
Put us in a great mood
(You can see by the photos for sure!)

We finished the trip in the bar
(The longest in Europe by far)
We supped our champagne
In St Pancras again
(so glad we were not in the car!)

We intend to go travelling again
Maybe next time to Bruges on the train
So thank you to Ann
For your wonderful plan
And getting us out of the rain!

© Lynn Welsher, 2001