Platinum Jubilee Celebrations

Grantham NWR celebrated the Queen’s Jubilee early, on 21st April 2022 in the garden of one of our members, with a bring your own picnic.  As it was felt that many could be busy with other celebrations on the actual date, we thought we would hold our tribute on the Queen’s birthday instead!  The weather was kind, though we did have a gazebo to fend off the rather strong breeze and a goodly number of members turned up duly bedecked in a festive manner.  A Royal silly hat theme had been agreed and there were some inventive ideas in red, white and blue, from the fantastically trimmed to a tribute to the Queen’s headscarf.  It had also been decided that we would talk about all things Royal, past Jubilees and many associated ideas, such as what food we had, what we wore and so forth.  This also gave us an opportunity to look through our NWR archives, personal photos and even old magazines (Jubilee edition of course) and old receipe books.  Much fun with “I remember…”  Members arrived for 11am, with the hard core staying until around 2.30pm and, funnily enough, we never stopped talking!  As someone said “it’s what we do best!”