BY Robina Fisher

1791 The Bill of Rights enshrined
Ten amendments defend mankind
Banished aristocracy and autocracy
The birth of American democracy

Driven from Highland crofts
Saw Liberty’s torch aloft
A promise in her shining beam
The American Dream

Donald Trump
Gives people the hump
He has great hair and a burnished tan
Make America great his plan

Rodeo superstars
Broken bones and scars
Broncos they ride to take 1st prize
Their bodies brutalised

The syrup drips
Moves to the hips
Pancake stacks
Need loser slacks

Hollywood fantasy machine
Perfect faces on the screen
Blind Ambition to be a star
Lose sight of who they are

Space travel
Secrets of the universe unravel
Technologies accelerate
Human intelligence emulate

Cities and prairies wide
Absorb the human tide
A never ending stream
In search of the American Dream